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Bound By God's Grace

* Bound By God's Grace is currently on order and will be made available in 7 days. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!




Have you ever felt like a HOT MESS??  Have you experienced situations in life where your emotions were in control of your actions or your mental or physical state was just a hot mess? At one point, “hot mess” was the descriptor I used for me, my life, and the situations going on.  Are you truly aware of the power of your words, both verbal and nonverbal (your thoughts)?  When I chose to become more intentional about my words, I added “bound by God’s grace” to the statement, somehow hoping that would make it better.  At the time, I had no idea that although the first part of my statement seemed significant, the fact that I was bound by God’s Grace would be the game changer. What is God’s grace? Are you aware of His unmerited favor? It’s always there and when we can focus on it, we can extend more grace to ourselves and others when needed. 


It takes 21 days to form a new habit! So, I am inviting you to come on the 21-day interactive journey with me to change your mindset and trade in feeling like a hot mess to knowing that you are Bound by God’s Grace!


This 21-day interactive devotional is for anyone:

~ ready for a mindset shift

~ has had life happen and needs to be reminded of God’s truths

~ seeking to do a little introspection and internal searching

~ looking for inspiration, education, and empowerment

~ understands that we have to be intentional to see God’s Grace

~ wants a fresh perspective of Grace so that they can extend it as well


If any of the above statements sounds like you, Bound by God’s Grace is the devotional for you!  The book includes 21 short personal stories, scripture reference, daily prayers, and a question for your personal thoughts and reflection.  In addition to that, you can join the private Facebook group, Bound by God’s Grace for the full interactive journey.  Each day an encouraging song reference, daily affirmation, weekly challenge, and reminder of grace will be shared.  In the group, there will also be the opportunity to connect with a small group of ladies so that you are able to give and receive encouragement.  If you are not on Facebook but would still like to receive the above referenced bonuses, send a request to  to receive the daily correspondence.  I cannot wait to see how God moves in your life over the next 21 days!


The first accountability group and email distribution will begin Monday, January 29, 2018.  Reserve your spot today! There will only be 25 available.


Be Empowered For Purpose,


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