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I was born to inspire, educate, and empower others.

Seem like just yesterday I was writing the first intro to this website, but that was actually in December 2017!! That was the season of life when I decided to turn my own mess into a message. Life happened and I had found myself feeling overwhelmed…neglected (by me)….worn out as a mom…and discouraged as a wife. Pretty much A HOT MESS! I'm so thankful though that I discovered that when I felt the most stuck was usually the times that I was farthest away from God. I had definitely lost sight of his plans for my life and the way he views and sees me. It took getting to the point of being willing to risk it all to discover that everything I really needed was already inside of me all along. I wasn’t waiting on God he was actually waiting on me! The teacher in me understood though that the lessons I was learning were not meant just for me. I realized it was time to stop playing small with God and to be all that he intended me to be and walk FULLY in my purpose!


So now through my upcoming book, (release Fall 2019) and my current 21 Day devotional/journal, Bound by God’s Grace, I share my lessons with other women. I offer faith-based accountability and mindset strategies through conferences, workshops, audio programs and one-on-one sessions. I know that life happens to the best of us! And although we can’t always control what happens, we CAN always control how we respond. Staying stuck is just simply NOT an option. Most of the time when things seem out of order, control, or like life is a hot mess, it's because our emotions are in control. I have learned practical easy solutions to help you control the things that you can control (emotions included) and be willing to surrender the rest to God. I have also learned that the key to living my life “REFRAMED” is learning to Trust God in the Process!

I encourage you to spend some time on the website. Or connect with me on FB, iG, or email. In the meantime, Be Empowered for Purpose.


Bound By God's Grace

21 Day Devotional

Available Now!

Reframe your thinking

Take your power from your emotions

And walk FULLY in your God given purpose!

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